the Tri-city marketing meeting had more people this week than last week. Maybe 150 vs. 125 last week. There were more properties on tour, and the properties are being presented in better shape than during th boom.

There were two properties in Ardenwood. A duet in with 1739 sqft listed for $739.5K that was in the Forest park elementary school district, and the other going a detached single story home with about 1300 sqft going to ardenwood elementary for asking $725K.

Both were in excellent condition in the interior. however i'd probably opt for the duet.

this week so far has been focused on investment property. Three of my title officers bought investment homes in Atlanta. I learned of an interesting opportunity in pocatello idaho (PP $325K with rent of $3000/mth, already rented, built in 2006 4plex). It's already gone. But don't worry, it can't be the only one on the block as such.

Another person called me today, telling me about getting a SFR detached for $115K rents for $900 in Idaho as well.

I'm trying to get to some info from my lenders on where california investors are investing, since I suspect very little of it is happening in California.