Donald Trump's Wealth Building Seminar

I attended Donald's Trump Wealth Building Seminar last Saturday. It was as I expected it to be. Aside from a lot of self-promotion, he's view towards wealth creation is no different from every other pundit. Start by owning your own home, and then buy another, and another and another.

If you don't like property ownership buy or creat a business, than another and another and another.

Look to the govt. to free financing or tax credits. Look for hidden assets and that you could sell upon purchase to pay for the property. Buy a distressed property, that you have a plan a turn around plan for in hand. Buy properties build before 1936 since the govt. gives free grants to repair (the speaker never explained what the govt would ask for in return).

The sales pitch was that if you bought the follow-on weekend class for $1500.00 they would also give you access to Donald's "team". who would be available by phone to help you analyze any deal you present to them for the next 6 months. And you could extend this service for $30/mth. What a deal!!! Access to Donald's team for only $30/mth.

Oh and finally only negotiate from a position of strength. So the sales pitch to the audience went like this. We are only selling access to the team to a set number of people today (never disclosed, what this number was), and you'll only get the opportunity to join today. Never again.

Well at the end, they never confirmed whether they reached their sales target but they did tell us where the other meetings in the bay area would be if we were interested in attending.

If anyone has experience with Tax Liens or getting free money from the govt. I would love to hear from you.