Getting kids to perform better

Let's Just Try Drilling Down to see what we'd expect to do to improve a school's scores

Our Goal is to increase the school's API score to the range of 930+

So in order to do well on a test, the students, teachers, and parents need to know what's on the test.

Let’s first focus on what we as parents have control over - our kids. Ideally, we'd like to be able to administer the test to our kids periodically, assess weak areas, build skills in those areas, such that by the time the exam approaches, they are comfortable taking the exam, and know the material well enough to achieve the desired results.

The 1st problem is I can't find a sample of the test online. (some help here please)

I’m hoping our teachers get feedback on individual student progress from the state, based on the results of last year’s exams which were used to derive the API scores. So they should be able to tell us our kids’ weaknesses and the additional skills they'll need for this years exam.

This is where a user group between a classroom and parents will be helpful.

The teacher can give individual assessments, but also provide monthly goals and assess progress achieved. Aid can be solicited for help in the classroom and for after-school tutoring. Ideas can be solicited to make learning more fun and enjoyable. Involvement by parents in different professions will make learning more fun and real for kids.

From the parents prospective, if we get each student to perform at their maximum ability, we will see the value of our neighborhoods increase(up to 50% - see previous post), our kids will have greater confidence, and become better contributors in our community (less likely to become hooligans).

This project would most easily be started on a classroom by classroom basis. A group of concerned parents discuss their objectives with a teacher. Success in one classroom will be easier to spread to others and than a whole school. The parents need to be constantly looking for information on best practices and sharing their successes.

The ideal community to try this on would be one that is online.