Century21 Su Casa

I was driving by Century21 Su Casa office at the crossing of Decoto and Fremont Blvd in Fremont, yesterday and took this picture.

According to this article . Century 21 officially revoked their franchise. In case you missed the article which started this, here it is.

Felipe Neri who was mentioned, as the agent that helped Luis Mapula and his wife buy a home he couldn't afford in the above article currently has his license status as NBA. He's no longer work for Bic Pho.

NBA per DRE is when the license is in a non-working status. The licensee may not perform acts for which a real estate license is required in California. Salesperson reference for NBA is equivalent to 'No Broker Affiliation' and the broker/corporation reference to NBA is equivalent to 'No Business (current main office) Address'.

Bic Pho's license is still valid. Still in business but he's no longer able to use the Century 21 name nor is Felipe Neri working for him anymore.