buying opportunties

last week I saw a lot of buying opportunities in REO properties.

I saw two listings in Danville, that were asking under $225/sqft. The asking prices were $780k and $800k. These properties both needed about $30k of work, but fixed up were worth about $900k.

I also saw some bargains in San Ramon, that were short sales and REO. One in a beautiful gated community, with views of the hills ask $530k, another in Windermere which is asking $482k, but I'd offer $450k.

Union city - in the low end has reached bottom. You can get a 2/1 for under $200k and a 2/2 for $200k.

Fremont is only offering bargains in select segments, like 2/1 units. for under $300k in prime locations. However the 2/2's are relatively overpriced.

I'm also seeing great opportunities in Temecula, CA - I'm always looking here for investment properties. You get a much higher rent per sqft $.