Stan O,Neal what were you thinking?

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It's been a crazy last three weeks. It's a good thing I run a small shop, or the government would have had to bail me out with a couple of billion dollars too.

The thing I can't understand is why were all these so called "smart people" investing in such junk. Hell, I could have hired a hockey mom to run these companies.

I know a lot of you are waiting for better rates on conforming jumbo loans, but you have to ask yourself, if we have fewer and fewer banks standing, will rates go up or down?

Get it done, before there's no one left to do it with.


p.s. How do you like the new site for SMA Financing. Yes, I know I need new pictures, but like I said, I run a small shop and can't spend billions on professional photo shoots like Stan O'Neal formerly at Merrill Lynch.

Call me (510) 793-8600 to get set-up for my new rate alert system.


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