Forest Park has 85 on it's wait list for Kindergarten as of today

Do you want to know why pricing is softening in Forest Park? It’s simple, the main reason people bought into this community was to get their kids into Forest Park Elementary. I was at the school this afternoon with a client. We inquired about enrolling a child into kindergarten next year. They informed us the lottery for admission into Forest Park has already taken place, and now the waitlist is at 85. Anyone who moves in would be diverted to the closest available school with space, which she told us was Oliveria Elementary (API 822), Oliveria is a good school, but no wants to pay a premium to buy in Forest Park, and have to send their kid across town to a school with an API almost 150 less. The person we spoke to said, it would take about 3 years before you’d likely get back into Forest Park. That’s a long time.


The situation isn’t much different with the other schools with APIs 900+. So where can you buy and get a school with 900+ API??? Well I’ll let you know when we talk.


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