How much has Mission San Jose Real Estate Come Down

Here’s a chart of cost per sqft of a entry level single family detached home in Mission San Jose.

Mission San Jose’s entry level homes have dropped 25% based on the last close on 339 Ohlones St, Fremont compared to when this neighborhood peaked in 2007, early 208 for about $840/sqft.

These homes are between 950-1050 sqft homes that built in the 1950s. The only attraction to buying these homes is that they homes are associated with the schools with Fremont’s Mission San Jose District (Mission San Jose High School, Hopkins Middle School, Chadbourne Elementary, Gomes Elementary, Mission San Jose Elementary, Mission Valley Elementary), which are considered the best in the state.

Unfortunately, anyone buying isn’t guaranteed admittance into these desirable schools, which is why the value of these homes is dropping in addition to, general market factors. This holds truw for most of Fremont’s school with an API greater than 900. So where should you buy. Give me a call, we can talk about it.