What I look for in Investment Properties

I look to be cash-flow positive with 25% down and want to see a return on invested capital of about 3% minimum.

So here's what I'm looking for:

Cost $212,000
downpayment 25%
Interest rate: 6.375%
Monthly rent: $1800
Vacancy: 8%
Taxes: 1.25% (no mello-roos is key)
Managment Fee: $100/mth
Repairs: 3% of rent
Insurance: $900/mth


Effective Gross Rent: $19,872
NOI before financing costs: $14,527
Cash Flow Before Taxes: $3,061
Cash Flow after Taxes & Prin. Pmts: $1,579

Oh and I also want the schools to be good, so I know people moving there are interested in schools, and hopefully a higher quality tenant.

I expect to buying on this new criteria soon, in SoCal. If you want to know where, give me a call.