don't forget to water the trees

I’ve had my water turned off since last October, but here’s some good advice for your trees.  From CAR. Green Tip of the Week: Drought tips for trees
Californians may face water rationing this summer. In response, the California Landscape Contractors Association has provided the following tip for use by homeowners and businesses: Water trees first. If trees are lost, it increases the surrounding temperature, making everything hotter. Trees also are expensive to replace.  Many surrounding plants depend on them, because trees offer shade and protection for some lawns and other plants that may not survive the hot sun without them. In addition, trees often are homes, shelter and/or food to birds and animals, which could possibly die if they perish. For more green real-estate-related tips and discussion, visit C.A.R.’s green blog ( and C.A.R.’s Green Web site (