New Haven Unified School District: Mid-Year Kindergarten Still has a Few Opening

New just announced they still have space in their mid, full year kindergarten program that starts in February.

See full press release below.


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UNION CITY (Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2010) – For families of children who
were not quite old enough to attend kindergarten when the 2009-10 school
year began, a few openings still exist in the New Haven Unified School
District's mid-year, full-day kindergarten program that starts in

To be enrolled in regular kindergarten in 2009-10, a child must have
been born on or before Dec. 2, 2004. For children born between Dec. 3,
2004, and March 19, 2005, the District will offer the mid-year
kindergarten program beginning Feb. 1 and continuing through June 17.

Class will begin at 8 a.m. each day and be dismissed at 2:05 p.m. The
program will be offered only at the Cabello Student Support Center, 4500
Cabello St. There will be no charge, but parents will be responsible
for transportation.

This is the third year that New Haven has offered mid-year
kindergarten, and the program has been formally expanded to three
semesters. Children enrolled this year will take a full year of
kindergarten at Cabello in 2010-11 before starting first grade at their
"home school" in 2011-12.

"Mid-year kindergarten has become one of the things that we do best
in New Haven," Chief Academic Officer Wendy Gudalewicz said. "It
gives children a solid start, both academically and socially, and it
gives working parents another option for caring for their children.
Expanding the program to three semesters and keeping the children at
Cabello provides stability for the students and will help assure
continuity for the program."

Enrollment in the mid-year kindergarten program is limited, with first
priority going to children whose families reside within New Haven and
will be 5 years old before the first day of the program. Subsequent
priority also will be determined by age. If space still is available
after District families have been accommodated, enrollment will be
extended to children whose families live outside the District.

Enrollment packets are available at the Cabello Student Support Center.
Parents can confirm that their children are eligible and obtain further
information about enrollment by calling 489-4141, ext. 0.

Rick La Plante
Public Information Officer
New Haven Unified School District
(510) 476-2610
FAX: (510) 471-7108

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