Housing Crisis 2012: Financing available 1 day out of short sale.

Can you believe this is even an option? If FHA is really allowing such a thing, it should be shut down and management should be prosecuted.


We have niche programs that will help you close more transactions:

1 Day Out-of-Short Sale - FHA Financing
- Standard FHA Financing with 3.5% Down Required.
- No Reserves Required
- No Minimum FICO (But must have been current on previous home loan)

FHA Access
- Only 1/2% Down Payment*
- No Reserves Required
- No Minimum FICO
- California Only

Conventional Financing with up to 10 properties
- Second Home and Non-Owner Occupied Financing
- Purchase 1 Unit = 75% LTV
- Purchase 2 – 4 Units = 70% LTV

FHA $100 Down
- HUD REO Properties Only
- No Minimum FICO
- California Only

FHA Good Neighbor Next Door

- HUD REO Properties Only
- For Selected Professionals (i.e. Police, Firefighters, Teachers, EMT's, etc)
- No Minimum FICO
- HUD Offers up to 50% discount off list price
- $100 down and closing costs financed
- California Only

Other Niches:
- FHA Loans(Full-Doc and Streamline)with NO FICO and Below 620 FICO Scores
- FHA 203-k Rehab

- CalPERS (California Public Employees Retirement System)
- CalSTRS (California State Teachers Retirement System)

Let Us Fund Your Next Transaction!


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*FHA Standard FHA guidelines apply. LTV requirements are 96.5%. Down Payment is a combination of a 3% second over a 15 year term and buyers minimum investment required is .50% down which can come from gift. Income restrictions apply. For complete details contact a First Mortgage consultant.