I didn't know that UL labs rated roofs.

I just changed insurance companies after being with AAA for 10 years for my home policy. I have nothing against AAA, but Sunny sits in the office next to me and he finally convinced me to change. Yesterday when I mentioned a client of mine had a metal roof, he started talking about how they’re given  levels of rating by Underwriter Labs (UL).  The better the roof, the bigger the discount offered on the home insurance policy. See his letter below.



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For your clients who need roof replacement, they should be aware that there is UL rating given to roofs and American National gives an extra discount for the insurance premium based on roofs with better UL ratings.  Other insurance companies probably offer that discount as well.  Documentation is needed to get the discount.  Ask the contractor to provide proof of the UL rating for the roof installed, in order to save more on their home insurance policy.


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