I was against the big bank bailouts but at least the govt got it's money back

I was against the bailouts to the big banks because the govt. didn't get
enough concessions from the banks that received it. They should have broken
up the banks to smaller banks, that in the future would not be too big to

Fortunately for now the govt. got back most of their money, but it'll be a
long time, if ever before they get back the money lent to Fannie, Freddie
and AIG.

From DS News:

> Bank Bailouts Close to Breaking Even, GSEs'
Projected Price Tag Shrinks

There were many who opposed the hefty bank bailouts after the financial
crisis set in, and they still have their ethical argument against the
government's decision, but the fiscal argument is growing faint. Treasury
announced this week that over 99 percent of the funds disbursed to banks
through the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) have now been recovered.
Even the largest bailout of all - that of Fannie and Freddie - is expected
to shrink by nearly half over the next 10 years.
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