Package and mail theft reports

This was posted on my neighborhood watch, but I'm sure this sort of crime is
happening everywhere.

Hi All,

Recently, a number of the Yahoo Groups on the West side have reported thefts
of packages left on doorsteps by FedEx/UPS and outgoing mail (bills with
checks) from mailboxes.

This is not unique to our area. Apparently, residents as close as Fremont
have observed cars following UPS trucks and picking up packages after
delivery. (The drivers delivering to my house either don't ring the bell or
ring and run before I can get there, so even if you are home, there are no
guarantees). Several of the perpetrators have been caught by observant
residents, but it still continues. You might consider having your packages
delivered to work or other secure location.

Also, for those who don't have locking mailboxes, you might want to consider
the ~$80-$100 investment to protect your incoming mail. Use a mailbox or go
to the Post Office to mail your bills.

Stay safe.



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