REALTOR TO SUPPLY DICTIONARIES AND THESAURUSES: Dictionary Day Comes early to New Haven Unified

National Dictionary Day is Oct. 16 but we'll be passing out dictionaries
tomorrow to all the 3rd graders in New Haven Unified.




UNION CITY (Monday, Oct. 10, 2011) - Continuing a tradition he started six
years ago, a local real estate agent is making certain that every
third-grade student in the New Haven Unified School District has a
dictionary. For the second year in a row, Sunil Sethi and his partners are
supplying the students with thesauruses, too.

And this year, Mr. Sethi - with the help of fellow agent and former New
Haven teacher Steven Fong - also is inviting students to participate in an
essay contest.

"We're very happy with the progress the District, teachers, and students
have made in raising schools' scores, but this year we want kids to start
thinking more about their future," said Mr. Sethi, who will sponsor "The
Year 2021 Essay Contest."

"We want to encourage kids to think with their parents/guardians and write
an essay about what they want to do when they grow up. The year 2021 is the
year this year's class of third-graders will graduate from high school."

All students who submit an essay will receive a recognition award and the
essays will be published in a compilation that will be available online and
offered to be displayed in each classroom.

With help from a handful of partners, Mr. Sethi purchased more than 1,000
dictionaries and more than 1,000 thesauruses that he will deliver Tuesday to
students at each of New Haven Unified's seven elementary schools.

"If you want to raise a home's value, you have to play with the following
parameters: improve school scores, improve the neighborhood (reduce crime
and improve neighborhood cosmetics), and improve the home's condition. Only
one of these is in your control, but the other two are more important
factors," Mr. Sethi said, "so it makes a lot of sense for homeowners to
focus on helping students do better in school.

Partnering again with Mr. Sethi this year are Mr. Fong and local insurance
agent Kristie Turner, who "loved delivering the books so much last year, she
committed to sponsoring for 2011 immediately after delivering the 2010
dictionaries," Mr. Sethi said. New partners are Alameda County Supervisor
Nadia Lockyer, whose District includes New Haven. and Risha Kilaru of
Prospect Mortgage.

NOTE: Members of the media interested in covering the delivery of the
dictionaries can obtain the schedule and make arrangements by contacting
Rick La Plante, Director of Parent & Community Relations for the school
district, at 510-476-2610 or