Dublin High School Renewal Project Enters Next Phase

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> Dublin High School Renewal Project Enters Next Phase

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With all academic classrooms completely replaced, the old classrooms
demolished, and Gael Stadium and the new sports complex in frequent use,
it's time t0 move on to the next phases of the
<http://onedublin.org/dublin-high-school-dublin-california-overview/> Dublin
High School renewal project. The improvement projects at Dublin High School
and at other sites across the district were approved by voters under Bond
Measure C in 2004 (
_High_School_Renewal_.2F_Bond_Measure_.27C.27> read more...)

In the most recent Bond Measure C Progress Report (presented November 1 at a
Dublin Unified School District Board of Trustees meeting -
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Dublin High project were outlined:

Phase 3a - New Dublin High School Cafeteria


The new student cafeteria will not only provide students with meals, but
will also provide a new home for Dublin High School's Culinary Arts program.
The new food preparation kitchen, cafeteria food service area, new culinary
classrooms, and a teacher's dining area are currently under construction and
are scheduled to be open for the 2012-13 school year.

Phase 3b - New 500-Seat Performing Arts Center


The dramatic expansion of <http://www.dhsirishguard.org/> Dublin High's
Irish Guard Music Program, and the increasing popularity of the
<http://www.DHSDrama.org> Dublin High Drama Program have outstripped the
capacity of the existing Little Theatre. The new 500-seat theater, dressing
rooms, scenery shop, band classroom, choir classroom, practice rooms, drama
classroom, and a video production classroom are scheduled to be complete
late Fall 2013. When complete, the new Dublin High School Performing Arts
Cen ter will not only be a resource for Dublin High's Performing Arts
programs, but also potentially for the City of Dublin (which currently lacks
a venue for live theatre).

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