New Haven News: James Logan High School Library Receives $60,000 Donation to Reopen

Way cool! Thank you mystery donor.


UNION CITY (Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012) – An anonymous donor has given $60,000 to James Logan High, to re-open the school library.

 As one of the many consequences of state budget cuts, the New Haven Unified School District was forced to reduce funding for high school and middle school librarians to the equivalent of one period per day. After articles about the situation appeared in The (Fremont) Argus and the San Francisco Chronicle, Logan Principal Amy McNamara received a call from someone who asked how much was needed to re-open the library.

 The caller then offered to write a $60,000 check.

 “I was, in a word, overwhelmed,” Ms. McNamara said. “The generosity of one individual will have a lasting effect on hundreds and thousands of students.”

 Arrangements are being made this week to hire a teacher to take over the four English classes being taught by media specialist Carla Colburn, who then will be able to return full-time to the library.