The Smart Phone transition to a PDA

The aim of a smart phone should  be a to make me more productive, and make me smarter, or least make people think I am.


Applications should aim to allow me to retrieve information faster, that is they not only find the relevant information and fast, but they help remember what to look for.


The smart phone should always be organizing my data as it comes in so that related topics can be looked at together, and Rolodex and calendars are updated, and reminders are generated.


Visual voicemail was an important breakthrough, but please don’t stop the innovation there. Callers should retrieve personalized greeting based on how I file their number in my rolodex, else use a white pages lookup ala YouMail. A text or email should be presented, detailing where the call originated from, and a transcription of the voicemail should be emailed.


For marketing purposes the phone should enable easy broadcast of text, and photos to various social groups.


What we’re aiming to do is give everyone a personal digital assistant (PDA). Siri and Google are making great strides toward that, and I hope within a year, we’ll have something that is truly empowering.



- Sunil Sethi


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