5 Tips for Getting Your Home Sale Ready

By Jane Blanchard


When you want to sell your home, put your best foot forward and create an inviting display. How you set up your home could entice prospective buyers to choose your house.

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1.    Clean up the Curb


Visitors to your home will make up their minds about purchasing the house almost as soon as they enter your front door. The curb appeal of a home is vital. Make sure that you are meticulous about keeping the lawn neat and your trees trimmed. Consider a professional landscaper to help you plant flower beds if you are not sure where to start. Replace or at least repaint the front door to give buyers the best impression possible as they enter. A neat and tidy home exterior is similar to a gift wrapped in beautiful paper. Both make the recipient more excited to see what is inside.


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2. Cook up a Killer Kitchen


Modern kitchens are a major selling point in homes today. If you still have 20-year-old appliances in your kitchen, you may be hampering your chances of selling you home. Kitchen upgrades are almost as lucrative as outdoor changes to your home. A modern kitchen is a major selling point for many. You do not have to completely remodel the entire kitchen. Even replacing old appliances with new ones or installing new counters can make a big difference.


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3. Break out the Brooms


When you are getting ready to show your home, buyers will want to investigate places your house guests wouldn't normally look into. The closet under the stairs or the master bath could be carefully inspected by prospective buyers, which is why you need to thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom. After sprucing up the front of your home, you will want the interior to reflect the same neatness.


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4. Clear Your Closets


Buyers seek out homes with a lot of storage space. Even if you have spacious closets, if they are packed full of things, they will appear smaller. Clean out all of your storage spaces to make them appear larger. Keep your personal items in a rented storage locker if you need the space. Also, check that all of your closet lights work properly. Bright lighting helps buyers get a more accurate picture of the closet's size.


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5. Become Flexible with your Schedule


Be ready for buyers to come into your home after work and on weekends. You need to have your home in its best condition. For the best chance of having a realtor bring buyers to your home, allow the agent to install a lock box on your front door. Only those who know the code can open the box and get the key. Because you do not have to personally unlock the door, a lock box increases the chances that your home will sell.


Your home is your castle, but when you are getting ready to make your house into someone else's home make sure to put your best foot forward.


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