8,000 new housing units is ENOUGH!

From Shape Our Fremont


6,770 housing units have been approved in the last 4 years with another 179 due to be approved on Thursday. With the 500 for Patterson Ranch, there were well over 800 approved in 2012.


That's nearly 8,000 units since the latest General Plan was approved.


Most of these will be in buildings only a few feet from the sidewalk, with little space between them and as tall as the City allows.


Only a little over 400 of the 2013-2016 approvals have been built and occupied.


Just imagine what looms ahead for Fremont when all of these projects have been built!


Please read the attached Shape Our Fremont article that was in the

12/13/16 Tri-City Voice titled "Changing Course" and consider sending your ideas to the new City Council to help lessen the blow.





Shape Our Fremont



- Sunil Sethi


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