Termite Swarming Season is upon us

Identify signs of infestation early and keep your home protected!
When the rain dries and the warm weather heats up the Bay Area, termite swarmers leave their homes known as galleries and spread out in every direction to search for new homes to build new colonies. In the process, they create billions of dollars of damage to homes and other wood structures every year. Have you seen any of the common evidence of termites pictured below?

Drywood Termites & Pellets
Drywood termite swarmers have a bright red head and produce large amount of fecal matter known as pellets. They can create tiny "kickout holes" to push their fecal matter through. Treatment for this type of termite is most commonly a full structural fumigation; though in many situations localized treatment can be effective.
Subterranean Termites & Shelter Tubes
Subterranean termites have black heads and create mud "shelter" tubes as they tunnel their way up through wooden structures. Treatments for this type of termites often include injecting the soil with a substance or applying substances in the crawl space of a structure. 


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