Fwd: Property Management in Fremont and San Leandro

Property Management in Fremont and San Leandro
New rules are coming to  Fremont and San Leandro that will directly impact property managers:

Fremont: This week the Fremont City Council took the first step towards expanding its current Residential Rent Increase Dispute Resolution Ordinance (RRIDRO).
The new "Rent Review Ordinance" will create new dispute mediation resources and establish a Rent Review Board.  Tenants could access these resources if their rent is increased by more than 5 percent during a 12-month period.  The ordinance will apply to all rental properties including single family detached homes and condominiums.  

San Leandro: The San Lenadro City Council has approved a tenant relocation ordinance which requires property owners to provide up to $7,000 in relocation assistance.  Tenants would be eligible to receive the relocation payment if their rent is increased more than 12 percent during a 12-month period and the tenant ends their lease.  A property owner ending a tenant's lease when selling the property also will trigger the relocation payment.  

The ordinance takes effect in Mid-October.  For more information, please contact Thomas Liao, Deputy Community Development Director, at:  tliao@sanleandro.org