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Creating a Sustainable Community
Join the City of Fremont in creating a healthy and sustainable future with the Fremont Green Challenge, our residential climate action platform!  

On the Fremont Green Challenge website, you can find all of the tips and resources you'll need to reduce your impact.
As your household adopts green actions, you'll receive customized savings and can team up with neighbors to compare green stories and impacts. 
Stay tuned for monthly newsletters that feature seasonal climate actions, timely tax credits, rebates, local events, and workshops!
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$7,500 EV Federal Tax Credit

Purchase an EV before the end of the year to claim the 2017 $7,500 EV Federal Tax Credit! Don't let this opportunity pass! Learn more about this rebate and the benefits of driving an EV by heading to the Buy or Lease an Electric Vehicle action. 


Green Gift Giving Guide

Looking for the perfect present for a loved one, co-worker, or neighbor? Get into the holiday spirit with these eco-friendly gifts!
Nourish Your Loved Ones and Planet
Did you know Americans send approximately 5 million tons of food to the landfill between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day? Reduce your impact this holiday season with proper meal planning, composting food scraps, and recycling! Add Recycle & Compost to your action list today!

Winter is Coming!

Time to weatherize! Check out the tips outlined in the Weatherize My Home action to help identify ways to save money. For more comprehensive home upgrade projects, you can also receive up to $5,500 in rebates with Energy Upgrade California. 

Deck the Halls Guilt-Free with LED Lighting!

Installing LED holiday lighting can save anywhere from 80% to 95% in energy savings! Don't be stuck with a large energy bill from incandescent bulbs this season. Switch to LEDs today! 


For Students:

High School Competition Kick-Off Planning Session, 12/18/17

The City invites students to discuss a high school competition promoting the Fremont Green Challenge on Monday, December 18, from 4-5 p.m. at the City's Development Services Center. More details.


LEAF Workshop, 1/8/18

Join Local Ecology and Agriculture Fremont (LEAF) on Monday, January 8 from 7-8 p.m. at the Fremont Main Library to learn about ideal crops for the winter. Plus, you get free seeds! Learn more.
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