How to Get Multiple Offers

"Show Me The Money"
What a house is worth is based on the number of bidders. In general, if you have only one bidder, than it's hard to raise the price. You need to have multiple bidders to raise a home's value.

The Seller and their REALTOR needs to do the following things to increase the likelihood that they'll get multiple offers.

1. Present the house as attractively as possible. Pretty homes sell for more than ugly ones, and appeal to a wider audience. This means a thorough cleaning, repairs and remodeling if necessary and staging if it makes sense.

2. Market the home to create demand. Take great pictures. Everyone makes their decision to see based on the location, and pictures. Hold the Open House on the coming out weekend.
Everyone wants to see what's new to see. Have the disclosure packet ready. Here the agent's role is to provide information to prospective buyers on the condition of the home, how the price was arrived at, and when offers will be reviewed. The art in this is to not intimidate buyers, understand and address their concerns, and to motivate them to submit an offer. If you price a home correctly there is no reason it should not sell within 2 weeks of coming out.