Just stop interfering with the invisible hand. Let the market self-correct. People will be better off afterwards.

More govt. interference will just delay the markets necessary flushing.

Prices will adjust to where people can afford things naturally. Artificial
stimuli, subsided loans, tax credits create artificial demand, and when this
is removed from the market, it creates a void which results in another
decrease in prices.

Tell the government to stop interfering. Stop subsidizing and drugging the
housing market.

> California Expands Eligibility for $2 Billion
Foreclosure Relief Programs

The California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) expanded eligibility criteria
for several of the Keep Your Home California programs to make them available
to a larger number of families at risk of losing their homes, including
those with home equity loans and recently originated mortgages. Keep Your
Home California is a $2 billion federally funded initiative. Implemented
statewide in early February, the programs are part of the U.S. Treasury
Department's Hardest Hit Fund.
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