It's Time to FOCUS

It's Time to FOCUS

Early in his career at UCLA, Coach John Wooden did everything but drive the team bus. He even worked mornings at a dairy from six to noon before coaching basketball in the afternoon. That all changed one day in 1963 when J.D. Morgan, a new athletic director, entered Wooden's office and swept everything off his desk.

"John, you just take care of getting the team ready to play basketball. I'll handle the rest," he told him. Wooden won the first of his 10 NCAA titles that season.

Already a good coach, Wooden became a great coach with extra FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Successful).

Before Mark Twain became an author, he was a Mississippi riverboat pilot making more money than the vice president of the United States. He excelled because he was constantly and carefully recording the river's currents, shoals, sandbars, sunken ships, and other hazards. "Astonishing things can be done with the human memory if you will devote it faithfully to one particular line of business," he said.

You can do great things with more FOCUS. Here's how:

  • Take inventory of everything you do before selecting two or three activities that you want to master. Draw up a plan for achieving them and chart your progress daily.
  • Next, change your terminology. When author John Steinbeck attended Stanford, he called himself a writer-in-training instead of a student. Think of a name that captures who you are and where you're headed.
  • Finally, adopt a "do-or-die" attitude. After explorer Hernán Cortés landed in Mexico, he torched his boats to prevent any thoughts of retreat.

To be effective, be more selective. Once you know your purpose and passion, take action and limit distraction.




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