Attend the City Council meeting tomorrow, Tuesday the 1st, and ask the City Council to make the City Staff postpone the scheduled hearing for Walnut Residences from November 15th until the first City Council meeting which includes the Council members elected on November 8th.

The newly elected City Council is usually seated in December after the 30-day election validation by the County. That may well be on December 13, 2016.

Several people responded to our plea to email the City for a postponement. They felt that Walnut Residences was a major development that should be heard by the City Council that the people had just elected.

Despite those emails, we received the email below stating that the hearing would be on November 15th.

Please attend tomorrow night's City Council meeting at 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers, Building A, 3300 Capitol Avenue. Fill out a card to speak at 4. Public Communications-A. Oral and Written Communications and voice your opinion!

As we wrote before:

Normally, a City Council hearing would be three or four weeks after the Planning Commission hearing. That would put the expected date for Walnut Residences at October 18th. This delay wasn't because the October 18th meeting was too full - it was cancelled for lack of items.

So now the City Council hearing will be AFTER the November 8th election. That means voters will not be able to see how the candidates for Mayor and Council voted on this contentious project. Nor would the decision be influenced by how they might want to be viewed in the public eye.

Also, Walnut Residences will not be heard by the newly elected Council, who would not be seated until December.

City Clerk email

Shape Our Fremont


Dear Community Members,

As you have contacted me in the past regarding the Walnut Residences project, I would like to provide an update. The City Council hearing for the Walnut Residences project is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Tuesday, November 15th (in the City Council Chambers at 3300 Capitol Avenue, Building A). Members of the public will have the opportunity to speak at the hearing.

The Agenda Packet for the City Council hearing will be published by 6pm on the Friday before the hearing, on the following webpage:

If you have any questions, please give me a call.


Bill Roth
Associate Planner - Current Development
Planning Division - Community Development
39550 Liberty Street, P.O. Box 5006
Fremont, CA 94537-5006
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